About Us

Distributions Europeennes Canada Inc. (DECI) is an importing and distribution company which specializes in chocolates, cookies, candy, panettone and nougat imported from Italy. We are also proud manufacturers of our own brand of sugar-coated almonds (confetti). We also carry a variety of regular and flavored confetti imported from Naples, Italy.

Besides our distribution sector, we also have a boutique where our valued customers may purchase our beautiful arrangements for all occasions and budgets. We also take pride in our unique gift baskets where customers may purchase our ready-made baskets, or may work with one of our team members to customize their own.

DECI also specializes in party favors and non-traditional bonbonnieres to add that special touch to any occasion. DECI also provides gift wrapping.​ Our team is dedicated to working with you on whatever your style or budget may be. For more information on any of our services please contact one of our representatives at 514-327-1656.

how it all began…

 What started as a packaging company in 1976 quickly grew into the importing of multiple products both sweet and savory.  It was then that DECI gained exclusivity to multiple brands, where their main focus was distributing sweet goods. Over the course of several years, DECI was asked to help with the distribution of chocolate products on the Quebec market.

DECI used to purchase confectionary items for Easter and Christmas until they realized they can make their own original arrangements.  That is how the confectionary division started.

In 1988, we decided to start making confetti when he realized the quality of confetti being produced in Canada had much room for improvement.  It was at that time a master confetti maker was brought in from Milano, Italy to teach him the artisanal methods of confetti making.  These methods are still being practiced today.

DECI has come a long way throughout the years and is proud of how it has grown.  Then, just as it applies today, DECI’s number one focus is delivering complete satisfaction to all its customers by offering the sweet simplicities that life has to offer.  

For over 40 years we’ve been bringing a taste of Italy to your table. 

Life is sweet….Eat it up!